Daily Devotion – February 1, 2018

Isaiah 40:21-31

Psalm 147:1-11, 20c

1 Corinthians 9:16-23

Mark 1:29-39




Today is the beginning of a new set of devotions. As there is no assigned devotion writer for today, the CE committee thought it would be appropriate to explain a bit about the devotion writing process. Each month a list of Scriptures is sent to the devotion writing volunteers. Have you noticed that the devotions you read most weeks are in line with the upcoming worship service? Perhaps not, but the passages are chosen from what is called the Revised Common Lectionary. This is a three-year cycle of weekly readings built around the seasons of the Church Year, and includes four passages of Scripture for each Sunday, as well as additional readings for major feast days. Most of the time, these Scriptures are used as a basis for Sunday worship and the sermon at Pilgrimage with a concentration on one of the passages. Now that you are aware, you may wish to delve a bit further into the lectionary. The set of Scriptures for the coming two weeks are always listed on the left side of our e-tidings. In addition, each Sunday morning at 8:30, Steve Owens leads a class discussing the week’s Scriptures. All are welcome to join any given week. Read more about this in the February newsletter. Or, if you are interested in possibly becoming a devotion writer (no experience necessary), contact the office or the Christian Education committee.



Still Speaking God,

Thank you for all those who help us to discern your word to us. Help us to continue to search for your truth. Amen.


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