Daily Devotion – February 9, 2018

Then God saw their works that they turned from their evil way; and God relented from the disaster that He had said He would bring upon them, and He did not do it.  Jonah 3:10

Reflection by Matthew Alexander

One of the great theological questions that many people struggle with is whether or not God causes good and bad things to happen to us.  In the days of the Hebrew people, all things came from God both good and bad.  If you were receiving good fortune it was because God was looking upon you favorably.  In contrast, if life was not working out it is probably because you are not living according to the will of God.  Many folks still carry this belief about God.  It is a good view until things in life starts to unravel.

From firsthand experience, I know that bad things happen to good people.  I know that life happens to us all at some point and we struggle no matter how much faith we have.  I don’t believe that God is punishing us in those instances.  Rather, I believe that God is right there with us just like God was there with Jonah throughout his ordeal.  If God, then, is for us then how do we understand this passage?

What I have experienced in life thus far is that when we turn away from the giftedness God has instilled in us and ignore the divine spark within then darkness begins to take over.  Once we allow the divine light to dim within us then the struggles of life become overwhelming.  Eventually, this overwhelmed feeling becomes disastrous to our lives, leaving us feeling as though we are living deep in the belly of a whale.

When we trust God it doesn’t mean life won’t happen to us.  What it does mean is that the gifts, talents and spark God has instilled in us will help us through.  We mustn’t allow our giftedness to be dimmed by fear which will lead to disaster every time.


God, show us the light and giftedness you have instilled into each one of us.  We were created in your image with Your strength, Your courage, and Your unending hope.  May we never lose sight of that and may our light never grow dim.  Remind us always that You are with us always.  Amen.

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