Daily Devotion – November 28, 2013

Psalms: 68:5 


Father of orphans and protector of widows

is God in his holy habitation. 


Reflection by Diane Ingram 

I make my early morning rounds I try to be particularly careful with my
driving.  In the area where I live, there
are school children standing by the side of the road waiting for the school
bus. Usually, the groups are made up entirely of children, no adults. It’s a
small town, a quiet street, and the children are close to their homes. 


though, my headlights have silhouetted a young child standing next to an older
man — his grandfather, I suspect. I’ve seen them several times, and each time I
start imagining their story.  The child
appears to be about seven years old, and he stands close to his grandfather.
The man’s head is usually bent toward the boy, paying attention. They’re not
talking, yet they are communicating. 


The man: I’m here. I love you. I would do
anything for you.

The boy: I’m not afraid when you’re here.
I wish you could go with me everywhere.


something very familiar and comforting about their postures: child and
protector, standing out in the cold, dark morning, waiting.


like we envision ourselves with God sometimes.





Father God, thank you for
those times when we are able to feel you standing there tall and protective.  And, help us to stand there for others who may
need a “grandfather.”







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