Daily Devotion – November 3, 2017


Matthew 5:3 – The first of the “Beatitudes”

“God blesses those who are poor (in spirit) and realize their need for him,  for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs.”


Devotion by Chris Shiver

For many years I resisted God “If God even exists, God doesn’t care what happens to me or the world…religious people are hypocrites…belief is for the weak and ignorant”.  But then I met some Christians who were, as best they could, acting out God’s love as illustrated in the Beatitudes and the other words of Jesus.  I realized that I was poor in spirit and that I was in need of something that neither the world, or my loving wife, or children, or career, or anything else could supply.  I needed God – and at that moment I was blessed in ways that I could not imagine – I received my first glimpse of the “Kindom” of Heaven.  And since then whether my outward life seems to be up or down, I have been blessed.


My Prayer:

Jesus, I pray that I will always be aware of my need for you, no matter my circumstances.   Amen.

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