Worship This Week


Worship This Week


Sunday, April 22, 2018

8:30 a.m.

(Communion Will Be Served)

10:00 a.m.

(Includes singing by the Pilgrimage Sanctuary Choir)

Note From the Interim Pastor

Greetings Pilgrimage!

I am so elated to be joining you as your Interim Pastor during this wonderful time in the life of the congregation. I first give God glory for sending me your way to accompany you in this season of transition.  Transitions of any kind are so, so …. Challenging!  As a matter of fact, they are difficult and unwanted in many cases.  They remind me of that closet in the house: you know it’s there and you know you have to straighten it up, but you really do not want to start the process.  Transitions remind us that we are knowingly going into the unknown, and the only thing we have to count on at the beginning of the journey is our faith.

The amazing thing is that is exactly what God wants us to do: To step right out there in the unknown knowing only our faith.  Faith is the unwavering belief we have in God in times of anxiety, uneasiness and apprehension.  It is our belief in God’s faithfulness towards us that will strengthen us every step of the entire transition process.  As Christ as our Good Shepherd, we will have a compassionate and loving guide who is so dedicated to our ‘getting it right’ he will lay down his life for us.  Oh yeah, he already did!

Pilgrimage, I cannot tell you how full of joy I am for you as a congregation.  God has even greater plans for this church on the hill!  So as I connect to you, let’s roll up our sleeves, turn the doorknob and with our faith let’s face that closet together – We have work to do!

~Rev. Krista