It all began in a pizza parlor. Prayer and food seemed to be a pretty good combination. From there, Pilgrimage moved to a bowling alley. And eventually our home was, what is now, the Unitarian Church in Marietta. We decided it was time to establish a building fund and a permanent home we could truly call our own.

Our members were originally Presbyterian. It was this group, which numbered about 80 people, who set about to buy the land that Pilgrimage would eventually rest on. Alas, they lost the funding and that’s when the fellowship turned to the UCC.

Central Congregational in Northeast Atlanta helped Pilgrimage get things started. Soon the land became “ours” and with some added help from Central, the current building was designed and plans were drawn up.

On a chilly Easter morning, almost 29 years ago, a service was held on the site and the first shovel of dirt was turned and construction began. The little church on the hill was about to make a big difference in the lives of its members.