Music & the Arts

We have a very talented congregation with very gifted musicians. If you enjoy singing, playing an instrument or acting, we encourage you to participate in the many diverse musical and drama activities and opportunities at Pilgrimage. And that holds for all age groups in the congregation:  from the youngest children to the oldest adults.

The music ministry at Pilgrimage welcomes all who wish to participate.  Our goal is to do a variety of musical styles, from “praise and worship music” to contemporary Christian; to various folk styles; to music of the global community; to gospel and spirituals; to jazz and blues; to classical music.  We value both the classics of the past to the many contemporary styles of today.

Our music should help us to grow in our faith, both individually and as a faith community.  Our music ministry seeks to help us to live into and carry out the mission of our congregation….to grow in worship, learning and service as faithful people of God, bringing hope, comfort and friendship to all, welcoming everyone in Christ.  Persons interested in participating in any of the groups should contact


 Current Opportunities


The Pilgrimage Sanctuary Choir:   This is the principal musical group of the church.  The choir sings a variety of musical styles.  Membership is open to anyone who enjoys singing.  While helpful, the ability to read music is not required.  Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings, 7:00-8:30 p.m. and the choir sings regularly between Labor Day and Memorial Day during the 10:00 service; and will sing during both services on Easter.  The choir also sings in the late Christmas Eve service and presents a Christmas program usually on the third Sunday of Advent.

Children’s Choir:  This is a choir for children ages 3-7.  The children learn basis music and vocal skills, such as basic rhythms and pitch matching.  The children also learn age-appropriate concepts of faith through the music they sing.  Rehearsal times are arranged as needed.

Harper-Williams Memorial Handbell Choir:  This is the principal 3-octave handbell choir for experienced ringers.  The membership is limited to 11 people.  Rehearsals are the first and third Wednesday evenings from 8:30-9:30 p.m.  They perform frequently during worship, including the late Christmas Eve service and as part of the Sanctuary Choir’s Christmas program on the third Sunday of Advent.  Due to the nature of handbell choirs, a high level of commitment is expected for rehearsals and performances.

Pilgrimage Wind Ensemble:  This is a group of brass and woodwind musicians who play occasionally during worship.  It is open to anyone who plays these instruments.  Rehearsals are arranged as needed.

Pilgrimage Brass Choir:  This is a group of brass players who perform occasionally during worship.  It is open to anyone who plays a brass instrument, and rehearsals are arranged as needed.

Pilgrimage Recorder Consort:  This group focuses on instrumental music of the 14-16th centuries.  It performs occasionally, particularly at Christmas; and rehearsals are scheduled as needed.

Spontaneous Instrumental Groups:  Anyone who plays instruments and wishes to perform in a solo, duet, or ensemble setting is encouraged to form such a group.  Many of the groups listed above began this way.  Pilgrimage is committed to providing opportunities for all members to use their musical talents.

Pilgrimage Young Dancers:  This is a children’s liturgical dance group where they learn to worship God and express their faith through dance.  They are led by Rochelle Lofstrand and perform at the choir’s Christmas program and at Easter.  The group is open to children of all ages.  Rehearsals are scheduled around performances.

Pilgrimage Liturgical Dancers:   This is a liturgical dance group for youth and adults led by Rochelle Lofstrand, which is open to anyone interested in dancing.  Rehearsals are scheduled around performance opportunities.


Potential Music Opportunities

We hope in the future to have other groups develop that would perform on an occasional basis such as a praise band, a Taize’ ensemble, a jazz combo, a group of singers interested in Sacred Harp music, and a regular bluegrass jam session.

Pilgrimage is committed to providing opportunities for all musicians to develop and share their musical talents.