Council Members

The Church Council is defined as “a body of lay delegates chosen or elected from the congregation and charged with supporting the pastor.” Our Council also reaches out to the congregation. The Council is also responsible for determining the Pilgrimage 2017 Proposed_Mission Spending Plan and establishing goals for the year.

A review of the year’s achievements can be found in the 2015-2016 Pilgrimage Annual Report.

Council is also in the process of approving  changes to the PUCC Bylaws.

Pilgrimage is a very tight knit family, one member supporting another and vice versa. Here are the names and responsibilities of our Council Members.



 Ben Alspach Ben – Council President.  He leads our church’s governing body and provides input and guidance to various committees and project groups.  He also serves as head of the Executive Committee.
Open Position – Vice President.  Assists the Council President and presides at meetings in his absence. The VP is often involved with special projects and initiatives.
  Geoff – Treasurer. Maintains records of financial receipts, payments and balances. Disburses funds and advises on the preparation of the annual budget.
Rita – Financial Secretary. Receives and deposits all offerings and other funds. Also keeps records of contributions and pledges.
 Karen Cox Karen – Clerk. Keeps minutes of all official church meetings and handles most correspondence. Maintains a current list of members along with information on births, baptisms, marriages and deaths.
Anne Mooney Janet & Anne – Christian Education Committee Co-Chairs. With the Pastor’s help, they organize and guide the educational ministry of the church for children, teens and adults.  Primary focus is Sunday school, VBS and confirmation instruction.
Julia – Deacon Chair.  The Deacons serve as liaisons between the congregation and the Pastor, maintaining regular contact and advising of any pastoral needs. Deacons also assist the Pastor in administering the sacraments.
Jamie Durkee Jamie – Parish Life Committee Chair.  Parish Life plans social and recreational activities that foster the spirit and promote a sense of Christian community among Pilgrimage family and friends.
Chris – Church Property Committee Chair. Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the church buildings, property and equipment. Also advises on the need for any repairs and upcoming improvements.
 Matthew AlexanderVictoria Owens Matthew & Victoria – Stewardship Committee Co-Chairs. Works with the Pastor in leading members and friends in support of the church’s activities through their commitment of time, talent and financial resources. Also prepares annual budgets and advises in matters concerning stewardship and fund raising.
christy-stanleyCathi Cahn Christy & Cathi – Missions Committee Co-Chairs.  They help members translate Christian ideals into social action and involvement through various mission and service projects locally, regionally and globally.
 Diane Reese Sarah & Diane – Worship Committee Co-Chairs. Assists the Pastor with worship planning and helps schedule readers, ushers and greeters. Organizes the decoration of the church for holidays and other special events.
 trudy-stoddert Trudy – Communications & Evangelism Committee Chair. Working with the Pastor and Council, she plans and executes key communications efforts within and outside the church. She also helps promote and publicize special activities and events.